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Xiong Jesse 2021-08-26

A Mexican church official said on the 21st that some churches in the country are using a high-tech product invented by Israeli electronic warfare experts to solve the annoying problem of cell phone ringing in churches. Four churches in the northern city of Monterrey in Mexico have begun to use Create A Cell Phone Jammer products produced by an Israeli telecommunications company. cell phone jammer It will indeed solve some annoying mobile phone sounds.

In this way, mobile phone signals cannot enter the church during religious ceremonies. It is reported that the above-mentioned company was founded in 1998 by former Israeli military and defense industry experts to provide mobile phone jamming systems for the security industry. It is known that this Create A Cell Phone Jammer device was first put into two boxes the same size as the high-fidelity loudspeakers, and then installed on the wall: one next to the altar and one at the exit of the church. When the system is up and running, the mobile phones of worshippers will temporarily display "No Signal", but it will not cause lasting damage to the mobile phones.