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Mobile phone jammer to prevent leakage

Beattie Morgan Dec 23, 2020 10:30

"In less than an hour after the test started, the answer to this art test literary knowledge (hereinafter referred to as "Wen Chang") was posted on the Internet." On December 17, Jiangxi candidate Ling Yun publicly questioned, and on December 10 at Jiangxi Normal University of Science and Technology The Jiangxi Province 2019 Radio and Television Compilation Test (professional test) held on the Hongjiaozhou campus of the University may leak and cheat. An examinee posted on Weibo saying, “This year’s Jiangxi Radio and TV Directed Provincial Joint Exam, the test was leaked ten minutes before the exam started. This is really annoying. There is no mobile cell phone jammer in the exam room.”

Ling Yun participated in the 2019 General College Admissions Art Majors in Jiangxi Province (drama, film and literature (radio and television scripting) major). The test time is 190 minutes, the test starts at 9 am, and the test paper has a full score of 200, including Wen Chang and radio Several parts such as film and television common sense and writing. Based on the art examinations in previous years, Ling Yun speculated that the joint examination will award more than 800 A certificates from nearly 5,000 art candidates, ranked according to their results.

The test center is located in Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University. There are more than 160 test rooms, each with 30 candidates. Some candidates saw the pictures of the answers and test papers circulating on the Internet less than an hour after they left the examination room. Two screenshots of the answers were shown at 9:47 am on December 10th.

For this reason, an examinee posted on Weibo after the examination, “Art examination is also an examination. I thought it was no different from the college entrance examination, but what was chilling was that this examination destroyed all the candidates’ efforts and trust in it. I hope that the relevant departments can give a reasonable explanation. Every candidate deserves to be respected. As a Jiangxi editor, I hope to get a fair and reasonable explanation."

Many candidates from Jiujiang, Ganzhou, Shangrao and Nanchang in Jiangxi told reporters that not only this year, but also for several consecutive years (art test) Jiangxi had similar situations (cheating, leaking questions). They even said that many candidates brought their mobile phones into The problems in the examination room are obvious to all.

In response to online reports, the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute responded twice on the evening of December 17th and noon on the 18th: It has contacted the public security and other relevant departments to initiate an investigation, and it was initially determined that the examinee was cheating in the examination room. The relevant parties have been locked down, and the relevant situation is going further Survey.

Mobile phone signal is still full during the test

Ling Yun was unable to determine whether the answer pictures circulated on the Internet came from a cheating group of more than 400 people, but when he saw the exam papers for the first time on the Internet at 2 pm on December 10, he was sure that there were candidates. Mobile phone is used in the examination room. "The official has never released the exam questions to the outside world. The exam paper can only be uploaded by the candidate after taking a photo on the phone, unless someone can memorize the exam question verbatim to make such a test paper."

Some candidates were really angry after seeing the photos of the test papers. They asked in the Moments of Friends, "The question of the Jiangxi Provincial Unified Examination. My focus is why someone has the opportunity to take a photo of the test paper for an exam involving the whole province. Come down?"

The invigilator did not scan the candidates with a metal detector, and there was no signal cell phone jammer in the examination room. Afterwards, Ling Yun pointed out the “irregularity” of the exam. He had 15 minutes before the end of the exam to leave the exam room and turn on the phone. , The signal is full, and the teacher waiting outside the exam room can still surf the Internet and play on mobile phones smoothly during the exam.

A number of examinees confirmed to reporters that when the examinees entered the examination room at Exam Room No. 13, 14, Exam Room No. 24, Exam Room No. 42 in Area B, etc., the invigilator did not scan their whole bodies with a handheld metal detector. After simply confirming the identity, let him enter the examination room, and electronic devices such as mobile phones can be easily brought into the examination room. What made Su Rui a little angry was that some candidates returned to the exam room after going to the toilet halfway through the exam and were not required to rescan. "The invigilator just told the examinees to hand in their mobile phones and did a superficial effort." She said.

Candidate Chen Lu immediately sent an anonymous report to the website of Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision on the leakage of questions and irregular security checks in the examination process of Jiangxi Province's 2019 Radio and Television Compilation Joint Examination. She told reporters that in the 46th examination room, when the examination was about to end, the invigilator found that some examinees had brought their mobile phones, but did not follow the relevant regulations promulgated by the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute for cheating, but simply said something.

According to the "Jiangxi Province 2019 General College Admissions Musicology, Dance, Drama, and Film and Television Specialty Unified Examination Examination Rules" issued by the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute in November (hereinafter referred to as the "Examination Room Rules"), candidates are prohibited from carrying storage , Sending or receiving information function equipment (such as mobile phones, receivers, transmitters, audio and video equipment, electronic storage equipment, etc.) into the examination room. In case of violation of discipline, cheating, etc., the educational examination agency will deal with it in accordance with the "Measures for Violation of National Education Examinations" (Order No. 33 of the Ministry of Education) and relevant regulations, and will be recorded in the integrity files of the National Education Examination.

"This is a serious violation of the Education Examination Law promulgated by the state. (The invigilator) is negligent and greatly undermines the fairness of the examination. It is recommended to use more large mobile jammers to maintain the fairness and justice of the examination." Chen Lu told reporters, This is the first time that I have exercised the right to report as a citizen, but so far I have not received any (practical) meaningful response to my report.