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National Cell Phone Block Registry

Daniels Bill 2022-02-08

In the subsequent report on the college entrance examination work in Baoji City, Wu Jun said that in general, all the work has been in place, especially the work of security and confidentiality, examination supervision, public opinion monitoring, and emergency prevention. be strengthened. He asked the teaching and examination departments to strengthen organizational management to ensure that all links are closely connected, the rules are clear, the responsibilities are clear, and there can be no vague areas. Confidentiality, the public security department should recruit elite soldiers to help keep the test papers secret, and purchase National Cell Phone Block Registry on the Internet to ensure the absolute security of the test papers. Transportation, health, industry and commerce, law enforcement, food and drug supervision and other departments should improve emergency plans to ensure the personal safety of teachers and students. The power department should strengthen maintenance and emergency repairs, prepare enough emergency power sources, cell phone jammer to ensure that the hearing test does not trip and the power supply is not interrupted. Public security, communications, radio management and other departments should strengthen technical detection and inspection, and deal with suspicious signals quickly and strictly. During the assessment period, the environmental protection law enforcement department should act quickly, increase the noise control of construction sites, barbecue stalls, square dances and other places, dissuade them in time, and strictly enforce the law.

The public security traffic police should be on duty early to guide the traffic around the test room. There should be diversion measures in the controlled road sections, and a green channel should be reserved for the test car to create a harmonious and relaxed test atmosphere, so that candidates can take the test with peace of mind, and parents and parents can rest assured. Society can be assured and satisfied. According to a report by Lanzhou Evening News on December 23, the reporter learned from the Provincial Education Examination Institute that the 2020 National Graduate Entrance Examination in our province ended successfully on the day. A total of 62,269 people in the province signed up for the exam. There are 9 test areas in Lanzhou, Tianshui, Pingliang, Zhangye, Qingyang, Wuwei, Dingxi, Baiyin and Jiuquan, 19 registration sites, 38 test sites, and 2038 test sites. For this exam, all test centers in the province are equipped with anti-cheating equipment such as National Cell Phone Block Registry , invisible earphone detectors, metal detectors, and ID card readers. The invigilators of each test site shall strictly prepare for the test, strictly prevent cheating tools from entering the test site, and complete the invigilation work in strict accordance with the "exam implementation" procedure in the province's "Exam Management Regulations".