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Students Using Cell Phones To Cheat

Rojas Emily 2022-02-26

Relevant departments such as petroleum, chemical industry, and security have expressly stipulated that the use of mobile phones in gas stations is prohibited. The equipment of the gas station is controlled by the computer. Students Using Cell Phones To Cheat will affect the normal operation of the equipment and lead to inaccurate measurement. More importantly, sparks will appear in the process of calling the mobile phone, which can easily cause a fire and cause the gas station to explode. Therefore, the gas station that belongs to the fire prevention area is not only strictly forbidden to use mobile phones in the station, but also it is best not to use mobile phones within two or three meters around the gas station. At the same time, gas stations should set up obvious signs prohibiting cell phone calls, and widely publicize safety knowledge, so that people understand that using cell phones in gas stations is undoubtedly walking with tigers. There have been many fires caused by the use of mobile phones across the country. In a gas station, the driver used a mobile phone when refueling, which caused an explosion and caused many casualties. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to use the cell phone jammer in the gas station.

At present, the mobile phone signal is almost everywhere, and all electrical equipments are surrounded by it. When the Students Using Cell Phones To Cheat is not used, the interference of the surrounded signal to other electrical equipment is minimal. This is because there is no data exchange between the mobile phone and the base station when the mobile phone is not used, and it is impossible to form a mutation signal. The electrical equipment is surrounded by a relatively stable electromagnetic field, that is, a static electromagnetic field. The interference of this static electromagnetic field to the electrical equipment is almost zero. When using a mobile phone, there is data exchange between the mobile phone and the base station, and random mutation signals are generated, so that a dynamic electromagnetic field is formed around the electrical equipment. This dynamic electromagnetic field signal will induce mutation interference signals. cause malfunction of electrical equipment. When the cell phone battery starts, when the ringer rings, it can generate enough energy to cause a slight spark that can cause a fire.