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What is the difference between car tachograph and GPS locator?

Pode Visar 2022/08/10

Car dash cams and GPS locators are often mentioned together, and users often confuse the two.

What is the difference between car tachograph and GPS locator

  Let's compare the two from several aspects, I hope you don't confuse them again:

  Legal level

  Car driving recorder: It is clearly stipulated that "passengers, medium-sized trucks, and semi-trailer tractors used for highway operation should be installed, and form recorders that meet national standards should be used. Traffic police can check the speed of motor vehicles, continuous driving and other forms of status information.

  GPS locator: the country has no relevant legislation

  Government attitude

  Driving recorder: New-type long-distance buses, tourist vehicles, semi-trailers, trucks and other vehicles over 12 tons must have driving records. All car driving recorder manufacturers must participate in mandatory safety production certification, otherwise they are not allowed to sell.

  GPS locator: installed according to customer needs.


  Car driving recorder: public safety product. State law enforcement.

  GPS Locator: Manage products. Non-State Law Enforcement.

  Speed display

  Driving recorder: timely and accurate

  GPS locator: Since it is calculated based on displacement and time, the speed display is delayed. It cannot be displayed in places such as tunnels.

  Traffic police enforcement

  Driving recorder: The data obtained from the driving recorder can be directly used as the basis for traffic police law enforcement

  GPS tracker: the data obtained cannot be used as the basis for traffic police enforcement


  Driving recorder: The cost of hardware equipment is less than half of GPS, and no monthly fixed service fee is required

  GPS Tracker: There are varying monthly service fees

  The advantage of GPS lies in real-time scheduling management, while the advantage of the vehicle dash cam is to effectively supervise drivers, so as to achieve the effect of preventing traffic accidents. That's why countries around the world are passing legislation to promote the use of dash cams instead of GPS. But GPS trackers can be jammer gps affects, dash cam doesn't.

  It can be seen that GPS and driving recorder are two products with different purposes. The recorder cannot replace the scheduling function of GPS, nor can GPS replace the accident analysis and safety management functions of the recorder. Users should choose to install GPS or driving recorder, or install both products according to their own management purposes