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Suitable jamming distance for hand held anti drone jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/08/02

  The rapid development of drones has spawned the rise of counter-drone technology. In view of the security risks such as personal privacy, national defense and public safety caused by the illegal invasion of drones, the existence of anti-drone interference devices is inevitable. When it comes to drone jammer equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is the hot topic of anti-drone jamming guns. It is mainly used to deal with illegal drones that fly low, small, slow and unmanned. Portable equipment for anti-UAV has the following advantages: small size, light weight, and easy to carry, it is the preferred weapon for individual combat; fast response time, the UAV can lose the signal control of the remote control pilot within a few seconds, and the maneuverability is better. high.

Suitable jamming distance for hand held anti drone jammer

  There are three types of anti-drone jammer products on the market: handheld, stationary and vehicle-mounted. Handheld is more convenient to carry and use in a small area. The fixed performance is more stable and the protection area is large. Vehicle mounted for mobile and large area protection.

  The anti-drone warning and defense system is just one tool. To achieve the desired defense objectives, it is also important to have an effective deployment plan. Different scenarios or different units have different needs, as well as different individual tasks and normalized prevention goals. For example, in the petrochemical industry, protection against fires and explosions caused by drone bombing is paramount. The linkage of remote monitoring and countermeasures in each production area needs to be considered; in order to prevent drone intrusion from disrupting and disrupting activities, the surrounding buildings must be considered. Interfering with radio detection, airports prevent drones from flying into the clear sky to interfere with flight, and consideration should be given to standardizing large-scale clearing and full coverage.

  In some important activity places such as security activity sites or secret units, military organizations, etc., especially in emergencies, drone intrusion is suddenly discovered, and it is imminent to strengthen preventive measures against illegal drone intrusion. Handheld anti-drone jammers are very useful. In such an application scenario, what is the appropriate interference distance for a handheld anti-UAV jammer gps?

  When choosing a handheld anti-drone jammer product, it is often seen that the jammer's interference distance exceeds 1000 meters, some exceed 2000 meters, and some are even more exaggerated. The jamming distance of directly marked anti-drone jammers can exceed 5000 meters.

  When choosing a product for a handheld anti-drone jamming gun, it is often seen in the product information that the jamming distance of the jamming gun is more than 1000 meters and more than 2000 meters. Isn't the bigger the interference distance the better?

  We only need to analyze the actual application scenarios of hand-held anti-drone jamming guns to make judgments. It is first conceivable that a hand-held anti-drone jamming gun would be turned on by an agent after spotting an intruding drone and would face the direction of the drone's attack, but if the drone is detected or said to be observed with the human eye. According to conventional empirical data, our ordinary staff observe the sky with the naked eye, and the effective distance to identify or see whether there is a drone in the sky is only a mere 200-300 meters. People with excellent eyesight are impressive. The distance tested is limited to 500 meters. This shows that if a drone attacks at a distance of 500 meters and the staff is completely unpredictable, the anti-drone jamming gun in his hand will not be turned on for use.

  It can be seen that the interference distance of the handheld anti-drone jamming gun can reach 500-1000 meters, which can meet the needs of actual combat applications. No matter how big the distance is, it has no practical value.

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