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Cell phone jammers should not be used at the expense of public mobile communications

Perfectjammer 2022/08/02

  Existing and planned public mobile telecommunications systems lack data security, starting with the strongest data protection and security requirements we know of for public radio networks.As long as this is done, the impact on the nearby mobile communication base stations can be minimized, and the normal communication of the surrounding people will not be affected at the same time.

  There are three reasons why mobile phone signal jammers interfere with mobile communication base station signals:But there are also self-interests.

Cell phone jammers should not be used at the expense of public mobile communications

  To find out the reason, in order to overcome its influence on the mobile communication signal, it is actually very simple: choose the correct installation location and direction of action, and set the appropriate transmit power.Availability, integrity, and confidentiality are essential in the information society.

  Improper use method, due to improper installation of mobile phone signal shielding device or too large transmission power setting, it should be controlled within a small range and cannot be properly controlled.Therefore, legal means alone are not enough, they must be supplemented by technical means that we will describe in the sequel.

  The above is the purpose of using the mobile phone signal jammer gps, but no matter how grand the purpose is, it cannot be exchanged at the expense of public mobile communication.For example, the head of a household who operates a payphone may use a cell phone jammer to interfere with cellular base stations near his or her place of business, making cellphones unavailable to those conducting business near the payphone.

  Cell phone communication should be limited to a few people, but the target should be extended to those around.Among individuals or units that use cell phone jammers, cell phone jammers are used in school exams to prevent cheating exams, and cell phone jammers are used for the quietness of the venue or the confidentiality of meeting information.

  In fact, according to research, it is possible to install a mobile phone signal jammer without affecting the normal use of public mobile communications.However, this "certainty" is essential for privacy and data protection.

  It is sufficient to confine its transmission signal to a suitable enclosed area.The increasing use of mobile communication networks leads to increasingly stringent security requirements.First of all, users of cell phone jammers completely ignore the communication needs of outsiders, and the goal is wrong.These are done with good intentions and purpose.

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