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Will Cell Phone Signal Jammers Affect Wired Internet Access?

Perfectjammer 2022/07/30

  The wireless signal jammer is a special instrument for shielding (that is, interference) of wireless signals. According to its working principle, the signal shielded (interfered) by the wireless signal jammer is a wireless signal, which is an invisible and intangible transmission signal in the air. A wireless signal jammer, also known as a radio frequency jammer gps, can also indicate its principle characteristics, which is to shield (interfere) wireless signals of some specific operating frequencies or frequency bands. The signal transmission of the wired network is through a wired connection, such as a common wired network (network cable), cable TV, wired telephone and so on. The carrier of signal transmission is cable. Therefore, when the wireless frequency jammer is working normally, it will not interfere with the wired network signal.

Will Cell Phone Signal Jammers Affect Wired Internet Access

  In some special occasions, such as examination rooms, gas stations, prisons and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, it is often necessary to use a mobile phone signal blocker to block the signals of external operators. There may be a considerable number of people who are not very familiar with cell phone signal jammers, or are not familiar with cell phone signal jammers, and are unfamiliar with cell phone signal jammers, which will cause many problems.

  It can be said with certainty that the existing mobile phone signal blockers on the market can only block wireless communication signals, but cannot block wired Internet access. Therefore, the cell phone signal jammer has no effect on wired Internet access.

  Not only that, due to its improved interference accuracy, the current signal blocker can only interfere with one or several signal frequency bands, so as to ensure that it only blocks mobile phone or wireless network signals when working, without causing interference to other electronic devices.

  The principle of the mobile phone interceptor is simply to generate the same frequency suppression signal, so as to cover the signal field strength of the operator, so that the mobile phone cannot receive the operator's uplink and downlink signals, and the base station registration cannot be completed. Making phone calls and surfing the Internet, all of which are based on radio.

  Wired Internet access, or broadband or fiber, transmits data over physical lines. Cell phone jammers are for radios, so there's no way to interfere with physical lines. Therefore, if mobile phone signal jammers are installed and used in supervision areas, government agencies, schools, examination rooms, etc., terminals such as computers and notebooks connected through physical lines can still access the Internet normally.

  Cell phone signal jammers have no effect on wired Internet access. After the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, the mobile phone cannot make calls and surf the Internet, but the broadband can still be used normally.

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