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40-60M WiFi Blockers For Sale At Perfectjammer

EO-10 Military WiFi Cell Phone GPS Lojack 433/315/868MHz Jammer

As the newest military-grade product, the advantages of this jammer are obvious. It has the characteristics of large jamming range and multiple jamming frequencies bands. It can block all cell phone signal(GSM/CDMA, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE), Lojack, GPS, WiFi, Walkie-Talkie UHF/VHF and RF signals like 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz.

$681.00 $1514.16

TX-100 5G Cell Phone Signal 3G 4G GSM WiFi Jammer

It's the 5G phone jammer currently on the market only. The device is being developed for upcoming 5G mobile signals. It has been proved to be effective by various tests. In addition to 5G signals, the device can also jam 3G,4G and WiFi signals

$749.99 $1495.81

Adjustable Box Type Hidden Antenna Cell Phone Wifi Jammer

TX-NZ150W is a self-developed wall-mounted phone WiFi signal jammer. It can block all 2G 3G 4G 5G phone signals and WiFi signals, with large coverage, effective interference effects and complete shielding of all phone signals.

$1147.99 $1663.99

BT8 18W GPS WiFi Cell Phone 3G 4G Jammer

As the first jammer using new jamming technology. This 8 bands desktop cell phone jammer has a jamming distance of 50 meters. It has a greater jamming distance than other 8-band desktop jammers

$624.99 $1267.41

40-60M WiFi Blockers Our Wireless Network

Many people still find it difficult to execute threats and security attacks. They believe that to be vulnerable to this type of threat, someone has to be sitting down or be on the same network as your device. However, this is completely incorrect. You can easily find simple and effective ways to disrupt the network. Even if the connection is the object of goodbye, but with different devices connected, it becomes very important to block the WiFi network.

To deal with this situation, we must act now. This is not a problem, it will happen in the future. Instead, it exists now. Cybercriminals on the Internet are looking to exploit these weaknesses. At the same time, the industry has not done much to address the situation. Using a WiFi Jammer protects our wireless network.