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Interference assessment of GPS based infrastructure

Perfectjammer 2022/08/12

  The location information that GPS provides us is now at the heart of our transportation capabilities, the distribution industry, just-in-time manufacturing, emergency service operations, not to mention mining, road construction, and agriculture.

Interference assessment of GPS based infrastructure

  Intentional or unintentional radio interference can be reduced, but never eliminated, the report said. Losing GPS would cause serious security and economic damage to the United States. For these reasons, GPS is an attractive target for individuals, groups or nations hostile to the United States.

  Unintentional interference is common in some places. As far as I know, northern Italy used to be notorious for GPS jamming of high-powered TV stations, mostly unlicensed and run by the mafia.

  Just google "GPS" plus "jammers" and see how many internet "hits" you're getting. It used to produce only some results. As of February 2020, the same Google search volume reached 385,000! Most of the hits are people selling commercial GPS jammers in the now booming market.

  Almost any high-value load on a truck or trailer is protected by a GPS tracking system. Likewise, taxis and luxury cars can be stolen and exported to Eastern Europe for sale.

  Criminals use jammers to disable and disrupt these tracking systems, thereby stealing vehicles and their contents. The device is a low-power transmitter that blocks GPS reception. It cost less than 100 euros and the goods stolen in recent cases were worth millions.

  To get the job done, the bad guys can also get this cheap jammer, which completely removes the target vehicle from radar by jamming cell phones that can be used to call for assistance and track cell-site analysis.

  This little device can block DCS, 3G and GSM cell phones, as well as GPS. Really, great value for money!

  Regardless of the side benefits, these satellites will still be there, but their jammers are already here.

  All of these jammers are relatively simple devices but very effective against civilian receivers. They are readily available and are being sold and used. They can attack countless applications of GPS, including critical timing systems. They make GPS-based civilian security systems extremely vulnerable.