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What should I do if the jammer of the counter drone is abnormal?

Pode Visar 2022/08/04

  To intercept drones, police and the military are experimenting with lasers. On the forum: it's radio frequencies generated by an antenna, aimed at the drone.

  To protect your daily life from interference, we recommend using a drone WiFi jammer. The device can protect not only the general 2.4GHz radio frequency but also the radio frequency below 5.8GHz. The jammer can reach up to 800 meters and can even shoot down drones at too high altitudes.

What should I do if the jammer of the counter drone is abnormal

  After the drone jammer gps is used, part of the drone logo can be absolutely shielded. You don't have to worry about tracking your privacy, you can enjoy quiet moments.

  In just two years, drones have become fashionable from a niche, with its rapid development trend, because the safety risks and safety accidents caused by the "black flying" of drones are also emerging one after another. The time has come. Nowadays, many companies have already purchased anti-UAV systems. When using the anti-UAV system, it is inevitable that there will be anomalies. We can truly grasp the reason for the occurrence of such anomalies, and we can do it immediately. Good solution, this needle is a very important thing.

  The anti-UAV jammer system was abnormal, and many times the system was not adjusted properly. A variety of different systems, once they are not effectively adjusted, will cause various problems in the process of application. Therefore, in the process of dealing with this kind of thing, you must think actively.

  Don't wait for the abnormality of the system. In this process, people must really do a good job in the relevant analysis, and solve the difficulties better. Some people have found that the anti-UAV system is abnormal, but there is no proper solution, so the next problem becomes more and more serious, so it is very bad for people, You can find out the instructions for use or contact the after-sales service of the product immediately to solve the problem.