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Influence of GPS signal jammer on aircraft operation

Perfectjammer 2022/08/10

  The role of modern aircraft GPS systems is becoming more and more important, and at the same time, there are more and more reports of GPS signal interference, which seriously affects aircraft operation and aviation safety.

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Influence of GPS signal jammer on aircraft operation

  The global satellite navigation system launched the first GPS satellite in 1978, and provided global positioning services in 1995. Since 2000, it has authorized civilian systems to use its positioning services, and the application scope and the number of users have grown rapidly. With the promotion of GNSS technology and the continuous development of science and technology, more and more vehicles and mobile devices begin to rely on GNSS positioning to assist in their own functions, such as aircraft, ships, automobiles, drones and outdoor positioning devices, etc. Airplanes are the most common. With the popularization of GNSS technology, the related reports of aircraft operation being interfered by GNSS signals are also increasing year by year, and the areas where signal interference occurs are often concentrated. In 2020 alone, a domestic airline received 141 related reports.

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  The power of GNSS signal is low, which is equivalent to the energy emitted by a 60W light bulb at a position 20,000km away from the earth's surface. Therefore, any nearby ground signal source with a frequency band range of about (1575.42±10) MHz is very easy to generate GNSS signals. interference, resulting in loss or degradation of GNSS data. In recent years, this problem has become a common problem for airlines, and has been paid more and more attention by civil aviation authorities in various places.

  Known sources of signal interference include personal privacy devices to prevent location tracking, specific protected locations,GPS jammers amplifiers, military jamming devices, etc.

  In view of the fact that GPS interference events often occur on a large scale, that is, all operating aircraft in the area may encounter interference during this period. In order to avoid unnecessary cost waste caused by a large number of parts replacement, some airline crews have explored and established a More effective fault management and control measures.