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Handheld $100-$300 3G/4g/5g GSM Jammers For Sell

New Portable Hidden 4 Antennas Mini GPS/GSM Jammer

The latest mini hidden 4-antenna GPS GSM jammer in 2021, the design of mobile power bank can be well hidden from others.

$146.98 $597.34

Desktop 6 Bands Adjustable Power Blocker Device GSM/3G/4G

This jammer device can jamming all cell phone signals such as 2G, 3G , 4G. Except for cell phone signals, it can also jamming WiFi and PHS signals. The device is available in classrooms, libraries, cinemas, offices and other places where cell phone signals and WIFI signals are prohibited. Because the desktop block device has more jammer range and more stable jammer performance, this device is deeply loved and trusted by customers

$287.53 $550.98

GSM Jammers Portable 2G 3G WiFi Blocker

This is a very portable mobile signal jammer. Due to the convenience of carrying, the weight is lighter, deeply loved by the customer. Can be used and charged in the car. Design small and exquisite, easy to carry. Can continue to work 24 hours a day. Use of advanced cooling system, heat dissipation is very good.

$256.13 $386.61

Remote Control Desktop 4G Jammer Power Adjustable 4 Bands

This product has a power adjustment function, according to the need to adjust the jamming range. At the same time with remote control function, no need to personally open the switch. Can be used in conference rooms, gas stations, hospitals, theaters, recording studios, banks, churches, classrooms, houses, etc

$332.98 $459.98

Desktop 4 Bands GSM 3G 4G Blocker Device

This device can jamming multiple bands, all cell phone signals can be shielded. Only blocker the downlink signal frequency, does not affect the normal work of the surrounding communication. High reliability, long-term and stable continuous operation in a variety of environments.

$293.88 $488.89

Cigarette Hidden Type Signal Jammer GSM 3G

Hidden jamming device cigarette cartridge design is not easy to attract attention. Has a very good concealment effect and can jam signal from GSM 3G CDMA DCS PHS.

$225.99 $324.42

Portable Anti-Eavesdropping Equipment Wireless Signal Detector

This is a handheld signal detector that can send audio or video signals through electromagnetic waves. The portable jammer device is small in size, low in transmitting power, complex modulation, wide in range, fast in speed, and good in remote control and hiding performance.

$153.99 $567.14

Cheap Portable Wireless Signal Detector Prevents Monitoring And Monitoring Equipment

Wireless monitoring uses electromagnetic waves to send audio or video signals. The wireless click detector (portable signal jammer) is a machine designed to detect and repair the location of hidden wireless click devices.

$200.99 $497.21

Different gsm jammers serve different purposes

Hello, this is our new product, Cell Phone Jamming Signal Blocker GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI.$100-$300 GSM Jammers save us trouble, GPS saves us money. how about it? "Or" what? As you already know, we have cell phone noise problems in many places, in public places. We should find a way to get rid of cell phone noise in those places. Cell phone jammers can help us. This is a very nice feature, we don't need to be disturbed by cell phone noise on cell phone jammer. Cell phone jammers can kill cell phone signal, it can make cell phone signal disappear and cannot be detected by any cell phone. Also, GSM Jammer may prevent us from tracking GPS devices. By using GPS jammers, our servers will not be populated with GPS devices. We stay away from the danger of illegal tracking.

Since we use many electronic devices every day, there is a problem. When we use 4G phones we need gsm jammers, we need many other devices so we don't kick ourselves out of electronic danger. In our lives, in our homes, in our schools, there are all kinds of electronic devices. Many of them are good, but some of them can also cause us problems. There should be a simple solution to the danger, and that is the 4G Jammer. A gsm jammer is an anti-signal device that disables certain electronic devices by cutting off the signal. How to get us back to safety, how to put us in danger. We can use gsm signal jammer. Different signal jammer serve different purposes.