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Will the poor temperature endanger the drone anti-jammer equipment?

Pode Visar 2022/08/04

  Air temperature (wind, rain) will harm the performance of UAV jammer equipment, but the compressive strength of air temperature can obviously affect the performance and avoid most UAV aviation.

Will the poor temperature endanger the drone anti-jammer equipment

  After testing, even if the temperature is not very good, the drone counterattack jammer equipment can maintain an accurate judgment ability of about 75%.

  In order to meet the needs of contemporary people in some unique places, many manufacturers have developed drones. This type of equipment is a small and medium-sized airport shape, with the technicality of contemporary new technology, using navigation positioning and data signals. technology to maintain the transmission of various information content, and then consider the specific needs, naturally the emergence of such equipment has undoubtedly a negative effect.

  Once it has the effect of the back, so many manufacturers now produce drone countermeasure guns to assist in affecting the drone. So what is the application of the drone counter gun?

  The proper application method of the drone jammer gps gun for the drone counter gun actually requires a specific shape. Nowadays, such equipment produced by different manufacturers will be slightly different in terms of shape, but it is obvious. One point is that most of them are displayed in the shape of guns, and the counterattack against drones has a very good practical effect.