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Why do gas stations use jammers?

Romo Hector 2022/08/05

  In modern society, electronic equipment is more and more developed, but many places cannot use electronic equipment. Among them, a gas station is one of the places where electronic devices cannot be used.

Why do gas stations use jammers

  Many people fail to notice that communication tools such as mobile phones are not allowed at gas stations. While some people have noticed signs prohibiting the use of cellphone stations, the reason is unclear. There used to be a gas station because someone was making a car phone call, and the sound of the gas station exploding could be heard from the live surveillance footage.

  Mainly because the air near the gas station contains a mixture of a large number of gasoline molecules, which is extremely volatile and easily volatile into the air. If an open flame or other substance comes into contact with a spark in a place full of gasoline molecules, it can cause an explosion. This possibility seems small, but it still happens. Often, warning signs prohibiting the use of fire are posted throughout the production site.

  Open flames are expressly forbidden, which is easy to understand, but why would using a cell phone cause an explosion? It is precisely because of the use of mobile phones that when the mobile phone receives the electromagnetic waves returned from the base station, it will release electromagnetic waves and output electromagnetic signals from the base station to realize calls or access other functions. Especially during the call, the connection between the mobile phone and the base There will be a lot of electromagnetic waves released. Electricity is produced when the air molecule content in gasoline is high. Sparks can instantly ignite gasoline molecules, causing an explosion.

  Although gas stations have taken some measures to avoid this hidden danger, such as strengthening the air circulation near the gas station, adding oil and gas recovery devices, etc., and then reducing the content of molecular gasoline in the air, the best solution is to install signal jammers. Install one or more jammer gps to protect mobile phone signals and effectively prevent people from using mobile phones near gas stations, thereby ensuring the safety of gas stations.

  Many people even know that mobile phones cannot be used at gas stations, but they think that the possibility of an explosion is very small, and there is a fluke mentality, so they pay little attention to this regulation. Therefore, installing a powerful cell phone jammer can eliminate this risk and is a very good choice.