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How to avoid being monitored by GPS trackers?

Recently I discovered that there is a device similar to a tracker under my car. I don’t know if someone is really monitoring me. GPS jammers can prevent this from happening?

2021-03-23 at 10:30


They buy GPS trackers under the guise of fleet tracking, but they can secretly and illegally install these devices on any car. You can conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car on a regular basis, but I think this may tire you and will definitely spend a lot of free time, you'd better spend it with your friends and family. Therefore, this may not be a choice. I can buy a portable gps jammer to stop him from doing this.

The Supreme Court has made a decision that it is illegal to use GPS trackers without special warrants. Even if someone really wants to track your movement, this restriction will not prevent them from using a GPS tracker under your car. However, there is another way to solve this terrible problem, which can bother anyone now. To protect you and your family from possible movement tracking, you can use a GPS jammer to prevent others from terrorist attacks, protect your car from GPS tracking, and make your movement absolutely private.