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How to prevent employees from overusing the network?

Hi, everybody! I restricted the work network of employees through software, but they continued to use the Internet excessively, but there was no WiFi network in the building. How did they do it, how can I stop it?

2021-03-24 at 10:30


It’s great that you care about how your employees work. I hope you are not very restrictive on your employees' Internet access restrictions, right? I mean, can they use it during work hours and browse any website they want during their lunch break? If not, then you should probably use this approach. Still, if it's like I said, and they continue to overuse the Internet connection during working hours, it's still not good, I have something to say.

Chances are that your employees are using Sprint 3G/4G plug-in USB. This is a tiny wireless device that looks like any USB flash drive. Any of your employees can connect it to a PC or laptop and enjoy 3G or 4G internet without installing any drivers. It is very simple-plug and play. Therefore, in this case, you need to use a mobile cell phone jammer to block the 3G network connected by the Sprint 3G/4G plug-in and block the Sprint 3G/4G plug-in connection in the office with the 4G signal to prevent your employees from wasting working time.