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Navy tests GPS anti-jamming antenna for small aircraft​​​​

Perfectjammer 2022/08/11

  A recent test of a GPS anti-jamming antenna for a small drone at the Naval Air Systems Command facility in Patuxent River, Maryland, showed encouraging results in preventing disruption of mission-critical data.

Navy tests GPS anti-jamming antenna for small aircraft​​​​

  From July 10 to 24, the San Diego-based Office of Communications and GPS Navigation Programs installed a small antenna system on the drone, which was then placed in a room with a signal from the antenna and the RCS measurement facility. Absorbing material, where it is affected by GPS jamming signals.

  Engineers modified the drone with antennas and antenna electronics and a defense advanced GPS receiver, which represents a GPS receiver with selective availability anti-spoofing module capabilities. Then, simultaneously connect to the drone's existing GPS receiver.

  According to the head of the Air GPS Navigation Integration Product Team, pointing the jammer signal in various configurations simulates GPS satellite constellation signals as well as multiple GPS jammers.

  Although there is an integrated GPS/INS navigation system, inertial components are not part of the immunity test