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How to DIY GPS jammers?

Cox Nicole 2022/08/08

  A high-quality jammer device will serve the owner for a long time without any problems. In general, expensive models with large radii are not required, but minimal features are sufficient.

  Employees would immediately see the presence of such a device, their use would arouse their suspicion, and a device of this level would cost far more than one offered for home use. To select such a device, it is necessary to consider parameters that affect the operation of the device.

  Depending on where and for what purpose you plan to use the jammer gps, you can choose between a tiny portable device or a high-power microcontroller.

  When buying, don't forget to pay attention to the equipment of the device. Of course, a separate device can also be assembled to shield the signal of the satellite positioning beacon.

How to DIY GPS jammers

  Check for the presence of chargers, cigarette lighter adapters, and instructions. May include an optional antenna and carrying case.

  You need to find a well-executed plan, laid out in layers, with step-by-step instructions. In fact, if you are familiar with radio engineering and have at least a little experience with assembly.

  If you don't have that experience, then it's best not to waste your time or buy a finished product.

  There is also the fact that the greater the beacon power, the more powerful the frequency suppressor should be. There is a saying that the jammers provided by the online store also act on the cameras of the traffic police, but this is not the case.

  Jamming GPS consists of four parts:

  coil. The frequency of oscillation must be equal to the frequency of the turns. In a device that suppresses GPS and GLONASS, two coils are required, with a different number of turns. This number is calculated using Thompson's formula.

  voltage generator. Provides overload protection by adjusting the current level.

  Amplifier and Antenna. These nodes are designed to increase the power of the device to the desired radius.

  Oscillation generator. Main operating equipment causing radio interference.

  This list contains only key components, you will need more capacitors, transistors or diodes, and other parts that are not always available at home.

  The equipment must also be equipped with a cooling system, otherwise, the mechanism will overheat and break down quickly.

  Great for blocking satellite surveillance. It hinders the working of various GPS/GLONASS devices: trackers, bugs, and tracking systems.

  Generates interference in the 1500-1600 MHz (L1/L2) range within a 5m radius.Use a standard 12V cigarette lighter.The operation does not affect the operation of other equipment around the person.