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How to protect the laptop from hackers?

Hi, everybody! I often do all kinds of different things on my laptop, from work to entertainment. But recently I read the news that malicious elements invaded your laptop via WiFi connection. Can I avoid it?

2021-03-22 at 10:30


If you want to spend the afternoon using a laptop in a comfortable coffee shop with WiFi hotspots and open connections, you may not be the only person logging into your Facebook, Twitter, or eBay personal account. If Firesheep, an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, uses the same wireless network together, its developers can peek at other people's browser operations. If you buy a wifi jammer , you might be able to alleviate this situation.

Although the wrong viewer cannot see the secure webpage, many websites only protect the login page. After logging in, your resident status is only maintained by cookies, which are packets of information stored by your own browser to keep track of all browsing necessities. Still Firesheep still allows its attackers to copy your cookies, so you can’t see the difference between you and the account owner after you log in to any website, thus granting you full access to their personal data, so when you connect In the case of public networks, the market must clean up cookie records, or use WiFi jammers to prevent access to cookies.

After all, home WiFi blockers are used for a long time at night. Although to prevent children from playing with mobile phones, the human body or most importantly do not look forward and backward. There is no need to interfere with nearby residents. Home WiFi blockers are used at home, but most people live in residential quarters. It is best to accurately block children's bedrooms without disturbing the neighbors next door. In the end: the price is affordable. If you spend tens of thousands of yuan to get this thing in order to prevent children from playing with mobile phones, it may not be easy for most families to accept.