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What is the role of installing wifi jammer at home?

Pode Visar 2022/08/04

  Whether at home or in public places, people's lives are now inseparable from Wi-Fi networks. Not only smartphones need to be connected to the Internet, but many functions of computers also depend on the Internet. But what if you don't want to be bothered by wifi?

  Just buy a wifi jammer and you can easily solve the problem.

What is the role of installing wifi jammer at home

  First of all, the frequency used by wifi signal transmission equipment is generally between 2400-2500MHz. The computer or mobile phone receives the signal and completes the communication. According to the above working principle, a wifi jammer is usually composed of a power supply, an electronic scanning control unit, a segmented radio frequency module unit, an amplifier unit and a transmitting antenna unit.

  The signal generator generates a frequency sweep signal through the inverter, switches from the oscillator modulation to the mobile communication working frequency band, and then controls the power through the power amplifier amplification and voltage regulator tube. The amplified frequency sweep signal is then transmitted through the air as radio waves.

  The scrambled signal creates scrambled interference in the message signal received from the mobile phone. The mobile phone cannot receive normal data sent by the wifi device, resulting in a failure to establish a normal connection with the wifi device. Therefore, the mobile phone cannot search for service systems, network signals, etc., to achieve the shielding effect.

  The interference power of any signal jammer gps is fixed, and the protection radius of the clear space is determined by the path attenuation and the signal frequency of the receiving base station. In order for the WIFI jammer to interfere with the network signal, it must be ensured that the signal field emitted by the jammer is greater than the signal strength of the mobile phone in the interference area. Better effective interference effect. The longer the distance, the more severe the effective interference effect.

  It can be seen that within a certain transmit power, the interference range depends on the field strength of the interference area. Regardless of the power shielding, as long as the transmit power is constant, the amount of increase in the power of the interfering signal will decrease, and therefore the jamming capability.

  The development of smart phone wireless network has a great effect on improving the speed of development. Cell phones can solve network problems. Mobile phones play an increasingly important role in people's mobile communication, life, and mobile Internet. Because of this, it causes a lot of trouble, especially in the home network, children are addicted to the network, mainly because of the wifi network. As a result, many families gradually began to install mobile wifijammer devices to control their children's Internet time by blocking the network.

  Although the wireless network is convenient for surfing the Internet, the problems it brings cannot be ignored. This is not only a network access issue, but also a network security issue. In order to maintain a good network environment, many places have begun to install such wifi filter screens to protect the network security in some places and prevent excessive use of the network. The device has been widely used in various countries and regions around the world, and is a frequent visitor to libraries, prisons, schools, reading rooms and gas stations.