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Does jammer work with all radio systems?

Curry Mildred 2022/08/09

  The vast majority of vehicle tracking systems on the market use GSM/GPS signals to determine the vehicle's position on the ground. The information is sent to the recipient via mobile communication with the aid of a SIM card hidden in the car's electronic module. And jammer makes tracking impossible.

Does jammer work with all radio systems

  Interference has a specific signal strength.

  Taking our two-person communication example, a third person enters the room, making communication between the two people difficult. The third unwanted person in the room spoke as loudly as anyone who was already speaking, but much louder. Communication between the interlocutors then becomes difficult. However, when someone enters the room with a large megaphone, conversation becomes impossible.

  GSM, LTE and 3G are the most commonly used frequency bands for this technology. As a result, more technologically advanced signal jammers can interfere with multiple radio frequency bands.

  Cheap jammers they only suppress 3-4 frequencies. More sophisticated and expensive jammer gps can jam up to 16 frequency bands.

  GPS/GSM signal jammers operate on specific radio frequency based modules. Naturally, such jammers cannot suppress all radio frequencies.

  Let's use the analogy of people talking in a room again.

  So how the third party will speak will depend on whether it overwhelms both interlocutors, or is just a distraction in the room. For example, this will depend on how loud (bass or treble) the third person entering the room is speaking. Two men speaking in low voices communicate easily with each other until a woman enters the room and speaks in a high voice. As a result, men will not be able to communicate smoothly until they are unable to communicate.