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Pocket cell phone jammers at the peak of the epidemic

Romo Hector 2022/08/05

  While it is illegal to sell cell phone jammer gps in the United States, these simple devices have literally flooded the U.S. market and authorities and cell phone carriers are powerless because jammer detectors are ineffective when "illegal devices" are turned off. In modern metropolises, people are often rude and loud on the phone, ignoring others. You just press the button in your pocket and the other person looks at his phone in confusion, the message fails and the signal disappears out of thin air.

Pocket cell phone jammers at the peak of the epidemic

  By sending powerful radio pulses, the jammer can interfere with all cell phone signals within a ten-meter radius, depending on the price and power of the device. The cheapest ones cost around $45, and the most expensive devices cost a few thousand dollars and work continuously. The device isn't sold in the US, but there's no denying the fact that hundreds of orders come from the US every month. Among the buyers are cafe and bookstore owners, managers, doctors, bus drivers, and regular passengers who have recently taken public transport.