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In event of GPS blockage, what steps should I follow?

Romo Hector 2022/08/11

The signal of the locator blocked by the GPS blocker will be completely blocked, which will directly lead to the offline of the GPS locator, and any positioning and anti-theft functions are like a dummy. After the GPS locator cannot be used, the car company will not be able to know the status of the car in time, which will lead to difficulties in vehicle management and may also cause the company to suffer huge losses!

the GPS is blocked

Is there a way to crack the GPS jammers?

As of now...not yet! But in theory, it is possible to subtly crack the jammer by increasing the signal power of the device or bypassing the band of the interference frequency. However, this method is very difficult to implement. Moreover, it is also possible to be killed by the opponent's high-energy shield!

When it hits the shield, can the locator be helpless?

Although we can't face the GPS jammer, we can use detour tactics!

Option 1: Smart Sleep

This locator will automatically enter the sleep state when it is not working. During the sleep period, the GPS locator will not send and receive any signals. It will only wake up when the set working time is up and send the vehicle data to the owner. So the blocker can't block its signal, because it doesn't send a signal at all, and the detector can't detect the signal, so the blocker and the detector can't function.

Option 2: Switch the positioning method

Because the signal blocker can usually only block a certain kind of signal, when the GPS signal is blocked, the GPS locator can theoretically switch to another signal positioning method to continue working. Many locators such as Boshijie have dual positioning mode (GPS+LBS). When the GPS satellite signal is blocked, it can intelligently switch to the LBS signal and use the nearby mobile base station to continue to locate the car.