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Cell phone jammer prevents driving to make calls

Knight Janice May 13, 2021 10:30

It’s one way to block the phone jammer’s number, and I’ve tried it too, but soon after I found a new phone, when you answer the call, you will find that the phone is the same person, which will definitely make you feel more angry , Blocking your phone number doesn’t seem to really solve this problem. Some people even put your number everywhere in order to find you, so that various advertisements and other people can call your number, which has a serious impact on your work and life, and makes your living habits and ways. Work is very frustrating, but you have no good solution.

Mobile phones seem to be the norm, and you can see this phenomenon wherever you go, and rarely. If you do not have a similar situation, you should be thankful that you should get rid of bad habits. We know that one of the most common causes of accidents is drunk driving, and the other reason is the use of mobile phones while driving. Everyone knows that when receiving a driver's license, it is clearly stipulated that drivers are not allowed to use mobile phones to make calls. However, many drivers don't think this will happen to them, this is how the accident happened. Alcohol concentration can be used to identify drunk driving, but this is done after being discovered. If an accident occurs, this is unreasonable. It should be solved fundamentally. We should install cell phone jammer on cars to prevent them from making calls while driving.