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Blocking Instagram On Cell Phone

Anim Kevin 2021-12-25

Yesterday, the reporter came to the Yizhixin Automobile Service Company at No. 80, Lane 820, Jindu Road again, and found that the company’s sign had been removed and the door was closed tightly. However, through the small door that was opened occasionally on the side, it could be seen that there were still employees working inside. There are also two cars parked. When the reporter asked in the name of repairing the car, a man said that there was something in the company and he would not be able to pick up work for the time being. The reporter then contacted Mr. Wei in Wuhan and Mr. Zhu in Yiwu, who had found the missing car. Both have returned to their respective dealerships. After obtaining the consent of the police, Mr. Zhu drove the BMW back. Mr. Wei's BMW still needs to stay in Shanghai, awaiting further investigation of the case. Yesterday, both of them contacted the local police and Shanghai police to inquire about the progress of the case, and found some Blocking Instagram On Cell Phone , and the reply was that the two renters are still not caught. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed several car rental companies in Shanghai. Regarding the "robbing" of vehicles from two foreign rental car dealers, the staff all said that they have paid attention to relevant reports and the topic is also being discussed in the circle. In fact, the other party used a core tool- cell phone jammer , "This thing is hard to guard against, and it is the most hated thing in our business."

Has the rental process been reviewed, and are there any threshold restrictions for car hirers? In this regard, Mr. Li, the marketing director of a car rental company, said that he has actually done a lot of work on “security”, such as verifying the identity of the renter. This verification is connected to the public security information system, including transportation and UnionPay systems, to further confirm Whether the renter’s identity background meets the car rental requirements. Another way to ensure that rented vehicles can be monitored at all times is to install GPS positioning devices. In addition, the car rental company will analyze the data during the driving of the vehicle. When there are suspicious signs such as driving to other provinces, it will promptly confirm with the user, including on-site surveys, etc. If a problem is indeed found, it will promptly report to the police. In order to prevent the GPS positioning device from being dismantled, sufficient effort will be made in the number and concealment during installation, but what I did not expect is that the scammer used a new trick- Blocking Instagram On Cell Phone this time. A staff member of a car rental company told reporters that shielding devices cannot be bought or sold casually, but they can be bought casually on the market now, so some criminals can take advantage of it. Yesterday, the reporter visited the electronic market. In the electronic market at No. 500 Qiujiang Road, many shops on the first and second floors have "cell phone jammers" for sale, and some shops also post advertisements on the walls. The reporter pretended to be a buyer to communicate with the merchant, and the clerk recommended two products of different power. Among them, one is only the size of a cigarette box for use in a car, and the asking price is 160 yuan; the other is a silver-white metal box with 7 antennas, which can be used in a 200 square meter area at 560 yuan. The manuals of the two instruments are in foreign languages, and there is no text mark on the products. The reporter asked to experiment first, and the clerk readily agreed. Afterwards, the reporter put the mobile phone on the counter, and the clerk turned on an instrument. After pressing a red button, the indicator light turned on, indicating that the instrument started working. After a while, the mobile phone couldn't receive any signal and couldn't make calls.