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Cell phone jammer prevents loud speaking

Zemmrich Claudia March 23, 2021 10:30

According to the Karlsruhe Administrative Court's ruling, it is usually sufficient to carry a mobile phone with you so that the inspection can be classified as "unsatisfactory." If the inspection rules provide for such consequences for "unauthorized aids", they shall apply in any case. In a specific dispute, a student left his mobile phone in the wallet in the room during the oral exam. However, since the school did not explicitly state the prohibition again before the specific inspection, the subsequent "unsatisfactory" rating of the specific situation was disproportionate. The school had to change grades again. If there is a mobile cell phone jammer at this time, the same effect can be achieved without checking the mobile phone.

Although the device is illegal, it is not the only bus driver trying to silence people with jammers. The FCC has investigated the use of cell phone jammers in schools and theaters. Some administrators seem to think that cell phone jammers will be an easy way to prevent students from using cell phones during school hours. Mobile jammers are very useful in theaters to prevent people from using the show during the show.

"Although some people who use cellphone jammers think they are just silently talking loudly or turning off unwanted GPS tracking, they can also prevent frightened teenagers from calling 911, or let the elderly call a doctor or rescue doctor, Ellison said, Your team is looking for the location of the seriously injured. "The price of one's peaceful or private moments is likely to be the safety and well-being of others. "

Jammers are a problem because they block license sequences that are not cell phone jammers, and blocking license sequences is illegal. Jammers can block signals within a range of tens to hundreds of feet. The FCC is most concerned about jammers, which prevent emergency responders from communicating with callers.