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Portable Cell Phone Wifi Signal Jammer Sj-004G

Rupp Manfred 2021-09-08

All along, through the rapid development of mobile phones, it is not uncommon for students to play with mobile phones and affect their lives and studies. Many teachers who visited the dormitory at night said that they often found some students surfing the Internet with their mobile phones in bed, and some were not in bed at one or two in the middle of the night. Therefore, in order to prevent students from playing with their mobile phones in the middle of the night and to allow them to have a better rest, many schools have to install Portable Cell Phone Wifi Signal Jammer Sj-004G in their dormitories. So, like a school examination room, is it enough to put a cell phone jammer in each room? The mobile phone signal jammer installed in the school dormitory is mainly used for noon and evening when students are resting, usually from 11:30 to 1:30 noon and 10:30 to 2:00 in the morning. Therefore, the mobile phone jammer does not need to work alternately for 24 hours, and you can also choose the shielding device of the spare adapter of the ordinary power supply. cell phone jammer It is an illegal device in most countries. According to the relevant laws of many countries, it is prohibited to manufacture, import, sell or sell equipment designed to block or block wireless transmission.

A few minutes later, a man with a Wenzhou accent came to take the reporter to his shop to check the goods. When he came to a counter selling "counterfeit machines" on the second floor of a communications plaza, the man took out a box full of English from the counter and opened it. A machine the size of a telephone landline was placed in front of him. The man said, "This The shielding range is about 15 to 30 meters, and your meeting room can cover it, and the price is 2,000 yuan." The man told reporters that this Portable Cell Phone Wifi Signal Jammer Sj-004G is a foreign product, but the operation is very simple, as long as he teaches you can learn it, and the sales volume is good. Often people from schools and some units come to buy. "This does not need to be installed. Just put it in the meeting room during a meeting and press this button to interfere with the cell phone signals within your setting range." The man was operating the button while selling to reporters. When the reporter asked whether he could try the effect on the spot, the man smiled and refused: "The mobile phones of these people nearby must be blocked and cannot be used indiscriminately." The reporter left on the grounds that the price was too expensive. The reporter visited many mobile phone communication stores on Taisheng Road and found that this kind of mobile phone jammer is easy to buy in the market. Although most of them claim to be used for meetings or to prevent students from cheating, the real use cannot be controlled.