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Is it reasonable to install GPS on compulsory loan car?

Pode Visar 2022/08/10

  My friend bought an SUV in installments before. When he was about to pick up the car, he was asked to install GPS. He didn't understand it at the time, so he listened to the words and spent money to install it. A few days ago, he suddenly learned about it and asked me. Is it necessary to have GPS installed? In fact, no one is wrong about this job, but the inauthentic one is still sales. Since there is no mandatory requirement that GPS should be installed in installments, you can completely reject their request, but if you don't install GPS, you will pay the price. I can understand that being forced to install GPS is a bit too much.

Is it reasonable to install GPS on compulsory loan car

  Of course, this is not the first time I heard about it. Many people around me have been forced to install GPS after they bought a car. The most fearful thing is that a friend who was in Mexico last time was equipped with GPS without knowing it. However, he was not angry because of the extra thousand dollars in GPS, but was very grateful. The car drove to a very remote place, and his family couldn't find him. Then he contacted the manufacturer and only found him using GPS. Of course, each local store is different, and I don't dare to jump to conclusions in other areas.

  But the salesman said that he was afraid that the car owner would run away, so he asked the guarantee company to install it. But is there really no running away with GPS installed? It happened once that a car owner bought a Mustang, which was brought to the guarantee company at the time, and also installed GPS, but did not verify the information on the driving license. After a few days, the owner removed the GPS and drove away. Later, it was very difficult for the guarantee company to find someone.

  Vehicles equipped with GPS, as long as the owner repays the loan on time, will not have any impact on the individual, but will increase the safety of the vehicle. If you want to be safe, it doesn't matter if you install GPS or not.

  Therefore, whether to install GPS or not has no particular impact on the car owner, but it must be that you have to repay the loan in time, otherwise the company will definitely deal with your vehicle according to the location of the vehicle. From towing, or impounding. If you repay the loan on time, it is still good to have a GPS. At least when the car is in trouble, you can also use the GPS to locate the car to improve the probability of finding the car, so in fact, we don’t need to worry about whether to install it or not. GPS, what do you think?

  However, given that there are other means of reservation, it can be used with confidence. For some common power supply equipment, the GPS jammer can be supported without expanding the power.GPS jammers are mostly sold online. Plug it into a 12v adapter in your vehicle and it will now interfere with GPS radio signals within range, with features such as protecting personal privacy, preventing others from being tracked, and more.