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Remove and block car loan mortgage vehicle GPS locator?

Pode Visar 2022/08/10

  The main problem that car pawn loans need to face is the risk of repayment. All GPS positioning is already a necessary means for the car pawn loan industry to control risks and improve competitiveness.

  With the increasing number of GPS products, car owners' understanding of car pawn device GPS has caused many new and substantial dangerous problems.

Remove and block car loan mortgage vehicle GPS locator


  1. The car owner intentionally removed the GPS device, so that the borrower could not know the car owner's position and movement.

  2. The owner's activities are irregular and cannot be monitored 24 hours in a real sense.

  3. It takes a lot of manpower and material resources to recover the loan vehicle, and the effect is still not good.

  4. Car fraud and loan fraud are becoming more and more frequent, and it is impossible to identify the identity of the car owner at the first time.

  5. The car owner defaults on repaying the loan, bringing bad debts and bad debts, causing great danger

  How to prevent the GPS tracker of the secured mortgage vehicle from being removed and stolen?

  The new anti-dismantling GPS anti-shielding product adds several major functions on the basis of the traditional GPS positioning terminal:

  The anti-dismantling GPS uses radio frequency technology. As long as the GPS positioning terminal is illegally removed, the car will automatically fail to catch fire. At the same time, the channel and the operator's mobile phone will have an alarm prompt. This can better achieve anti-theft;

  Small in size, the power adapter model is designed, and the appearance is similar to the power adapter of a car, and it has better concealment, which can achieve the effect of recharging to a certain extent.

  But jammer gps imported into Europe from China operate on the same frequency as GpS satellites to drown out timing signals and confuse onboard equipment. Due to this situation, the in-vehicle system can neither determine its location nor report it to a vehicle tracking center in a car registered with GPS based tracking technology.