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Mobile phone jammer to prevent sneak shots

Perfectjammer 2021/05/13

There was another sneak photo incident recently. Outside a public toilet on the side of Nanjing Xinfan Road, a pervert who sneaked a photo of a woman going to the toilet was caught by enthusiastic citizens.

When the reporter arrived, the pervert who secretly photographed the woman going to the toilet was being grabbed by the collar of the enthusiastic citizen Mr. Zhang, and the police who received the alarm rushed over.

Mr. Zhang said that when he was passing by the public toilet, he heard a woman shouting to catch a pervert, and the man ran ahead. Mr. Zhang rushed up and caught the man. Then Mr. Zhang learned that the person involved, Ms. Wang, was a woman. When the toilet was convenient, a bright light flashed under the door crack. Ms. Wang hurriedly opened the door to find out and found that the man was squatting outside the door and taking pictures with her mobile phone.

As the man abandoned his mobile phone while escaping, there was no evidence left. The police only found a flashlight in his pocket. Subsequently, the man was taken to the Central Police Station for processing.

The reporter reminded that the sneak shot equipment can appear in the bathroom, changing room, public restroom, rental room, etc., and friends, especially female friends, should pay attention to self-protection. If necessary, use anti-peeping equipment, cell phone jammer, etc., to monitor sneak shots at any time. Recording equipment to prevent sneak shots.