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Mobile jammer rejects malware

Perfectjammer 2021/05/11

When we enter the second decade of the 21st century, digital technology seems to have completely occupied our lives, and we can feel that we are just caught in a series of signals. Signals have even replaced our language. We often feel like we are receiving a mixed signal; we signal someone in the room; we are invited to send a booster signal we believe in and warn us not to let the signal cross the signal. No wonder the recent holiday season boasted the "Christmas mobile cell phone jammer sale."

Since the anonymity and mobility of mobile phone and mobile phone communication are very suitable for crime or even terrorist activities, law enforcement agencies use IMSI traps to track potential threats or criminals to monitor illegal use of mobile phones (for example, in prisons or safe areas) ) And assist them in their investigations. At the same time, these same shady figures sometimes use these devices to discover confidential personal information or privileged company secrets. Therefore, although many conspiracy theories are the result of a combination of over-imagining and health suspicion, this is an unrealistic theory when it comes to someone who may be monitoring your phone call.

A cell phone jammer is any device that can prevent the exchange of signals between two or more devices. The mobile phone signal jammer sends out interference signals and prevents local devices from connecting. This is very useful in areas where phone use is restricted and network security is critical. Bluetooth is a way to share malware, so care must be taken in this regard. Cell phone jammers are dedicated to this technology, but there are various other types of signal jammers.