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Block A Call On Sprint Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/10/26

The production, sales and use of radio interference equipment are under the supervision of different departments, and the connection of various links is unavoidable. Omissions will inevitably occur in the connection of various links. This leads to the widespread use of such equipment in violation of regulations. Preventing illegal useBlock A Call On Sprint Cell Phone Equipment also requires mutual cooperation between various departments. The relevant person of the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau said frankly. However, China's radio management agencies are currently facing numerous institutional problems. On the one hand, there is a mismatch between the number of supervisors and supervisory capabilities. For example, there are often only a few supervisors in the municipal radio administrative department, which is not enough to solve all supervisory problems. On the other hand, the radio administrative department only has the right to inspect but not the right to enforce the law. , The handling of related events is relatively passive. cell phone jammer

In this regard, an expert from the National Institute of Radio Spectrum Management believes: "For the supervision of Block A Call On Sprint Cell Phone, the industrial and commercial department has the power to enforce the law, and the radio management department has the power to detect. Therefore, the two departments need to coordinate with each other for joint law enforcement." The expert also Said that China currently does not have an independent "Radio Management Law." The current "Radio Management Regulations" imposes only minor penalties such as fines on those who illegally produce and use mobile phone jammers, and the enforcement is not strong enough. Therefore, increasing penalties and putting the establishment of an independent "Radio Management Law" on the agenda is also one of the effective means to promote supervision. Of course, people's correct understanding of spectrum resources is also a necessary condition to curb illegal production and use of mobile phone jammers.