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High-tech cheating and signal jammers

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

As we all know, with the progress of science and technology, high-tech cheating methods emerge in endlessly. However, with the attention of educational institutions,cell phone jammer are gradually introduced as countermeasures.

When the signal shield was first invented, the whole world only developed to the 2G era. At that time, although there were three operators in China, the mobile phones were all using the second generation network communication technology. The frequency of communication between manufacturers of different systems varies greatly.

A lot of people don't understand the differences between bluetooth, wi-fi and mobile data. It seems that they are all wireless communication technologies. In fact, the differences among them mainly lie in the frequency band. In the mobile communication technology, 2G mainly works in the band of 900-1700mhz, 3G works in the band of 1900-2100mhz, and 4G works in the band of 2300-2500mhz. Bluetooth and WiFi work in 2.4ghz.