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Mobile jammers are very important for military exercises

Perfectjammer 2021/05/12

The Sichuan Provincial Prison Work Conference was held in Mianyang on the 17th. A special exercise kicked off the conference. Command center, I am door B. The vehicle security check found vital signs, and the condition is abnormal. At around 10:10 on January 17, the command center of North Sichuan Prison suddenly rang a bell. The monitoring center simultaneously pops up the monitoring screen of the alarm point of the AB door car passage. A container truck is parked in the vehicle inspection area. It turned out that the police at door B used a cell phone jammer to shield the signal and life detector to conduct routine inspections of the vehicle and found an abnormal alarm.

Start the plan, strengthen the alert, and wait for reinforcements! The civilian police in the command center immediately issued instructions to the special police team, the combat training team, and the armed police stationed in prison for reinforcement and disposal instructions. And reported the situation to the prison leader on duty. An action to deal with an emergency in the prison was quickly launched in accordance with the established plan. With the coordinated linkage of the two police and the cooperation of relevant departments, the target hidden in the vehicle body was successfully found, and the emergency response operation was successfully concluded. The entire emergency response operation took only about 5 minutes.

It turned out that this was a synthetic exercise supported by information technology organized by the Sichuan Provincial Prison Administration Bureau. This is also a special arrangement for the 2014 work meeting of the prison system in the province, allowing participants to observe the drill at the North Sichuan Prison. Aims to test the front-line ability of the grassroots to deal with emergencies; test the effectiveness of the two-police joint response mechanism in actual combat; test the results of prison informatization construction, highlighting the important supporting and guaranteeing role of informatization and intelligent technology in maintaining prison security and stability .

This working conference learned and conveyed the new spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and this year’s national political and legal work and judicial administration conferences. It summarized the new development work of Sichuan Prison in 2013 and the achievements of the five-year three-step process, and analyzed The current situation has made arrangements for work in the next five years and in 2014.

The meeting concluded that Sichuan’s prisons achieved remarkable results in 2013. Remarkable achievements have been made in maintaining safety and stability, and successfully withstood the severe tests of the 4.20 Lushan earthquake, the 7.4 asbestos torrential torrent and the Jiang'an River flood. Civil defense and heart defense have been continuously strengthened, physical defense and technical defense have been improved, and new technology and information technologies such as electronic monitoring, perimeter alarms, and networked commands have been widely used, and greater progress has been made in information technology security. Safety and stability indicators have set a good record in history. Great progress has been made in administering supervision in accordance with the law, publicity and education on the legal system have been carried out in depth, and the credibility of penalty enforcement has been further improved.