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Mobile phone jammers achieve physical isolation

Perfectjammer 2021/05/14

Since the beginning of this year, the Funing County Procuratorate of Hebei Province has strengthened the construction of information security, strengthened information security, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the provincial and municipal institutes for scientific and technological inspections, based on the actual conditions of the court, taking performance appraisal as the starting point, and putting the unified business application system for inspections into use. As an opportunity, to strengthen the disclosure of procuratorial affairs as a platform, take multiple measures to promote the construction of procuratorial information protection.

One is to strengthen the construction of network computer rooms. Including the use of dual-line standby power supply, configuration of program-controlled switches to prepare for the opening of a private network for politics and law, and implementation of the computer room inspection system and entry and exit registration system in accordance with the requirements for classified protection of confidential networks.

The second is to launch a unified business application system online. In accordance with the "Administrative Measures for the Use of the Unified Business Application System for Procuratorial Organs", the procuratorial staff information and account initialization were accurately entered, all permissions were classified and assigned to positions, and the technical system change permissions were clarified; professionals from the provincial courts were invited to come and give guidance , Various technical problems in the operation of the system have been solved on site.

The third is the smooth operation of the hierarchical protection of the procuratorial network. All 75 intranet computers have been double password protected, IP segmentation, junk software removal, and terminal installations; 8 fingerprint recognition access control systems, 7 line-conducted mobile cell phone jammer and 5 computer videos have been installed in key secret areas The information protection machine, the internal network and the external network are completely physically separated.

Fourth, the interrogation of duty criminal suspects all implement synchronous audio and video recording. As of the end of October, 325 hours of simultaneous recording and video recording of 118 people have been completed in conjunction with the anti-corruption and anti-proficiency departments.

Fifth, the review of technical evidence has been comprehensively strengthened. The staff of the public prosecution department was uniformly provided with key training and full-process technical guidance to promote the review of technical evidence. At present, 72 people have completed 60 technical reviews and issued 72 technical evidence review opinions.