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Personal Cell Phone Signal Jammer Blocker Device

Perfectjammer 2021/09/03

Gas stations are flammable and explosive places and belong to high-risk industries. In addition to warning words "No fireworks" at gas stations, you will also often see related slogans "No cell phone calls". Regarding the first one, both gas station staff and customers can strictly abide by it, but for the latter one, many people seem to adopt an indifferent attitude. In fact, the volatilization of gasoline vapor reaches a certain concentration limit, which is very easy to cause an explosion with sparks that appear during dialing and answering. Not only in the station, but also within two or three meters of the gas station, it is not allowed to call on the cell phone. Personal Cell Phone Signal Jammer Blocker Device Only allow people to make calls far away from the gas station. cell phone jammer Added more protection to the gas station.

Because gasoline is a volatile substance, in the combustible gas danger zone formed by the leakage of oil and gas tanks and natural gas pipelines, the radio frequency sparks generated by mobile phones can easily cause explosions and cause disasters. The mobile phone itself does not have an explosion-proof function. When the gas station fills the fuel tank of a car or motorcycle with gasoline through a fuel gun, the fuel vapor in the original empty fuel tank will drift outward, and the newly injected gasoline will also volatilize into the air, causing the fuel vapor density around the refueling vehicle to increase sharply. At the same time, in order to make the communication signal clearer, mobile phones use a high frequency and a relatively strong transmission power. Although they meet national standards, they also pose a serious threat to refueling and refueling stations; because now refueling and refueling stations are generally controlled by computers. , High-intensity mobile phone signals will cause induction with computer equipment, and the electronic friction between the two instantaneously may ignite fuel vapor and cause an explosion. The current required to ignite the fuel vapor is very small, and the static current generated by the mobile phone under working conditions can reach this limit. If you encounter cloudy or foggy weather with high air humidity and low air pressure when refueling or unloading oil at gas stations, due to poor air circulation, the oil vapor density increases accordingly, and the possibility of an explosion caused by mobile phones will be further increased. Big. All interested people can find Personal Cell Phone Signal Jammer Blocker Device equipment in the gas station.