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Cell Phone Charging Block

Perfectjammer 2021/11/27

Dialogue must have questions and answers. If we can cut off what the speaker is saying or prevent the listener from hearing what the speaker is saying, Cell Phone Charging Block can block their normal communication. It is not advisable to cut off what the speaker says is to interfere with the uplink signal of the base station. Therefore, we can only prevent the listener from hearing what the speaker is saying, and our goal can be achieved. That is, it interferes with the downlink signal of the base station. The strength of the downlink signal of the base station is for example: the strength of the strongest one of a group of downlink signals transmitted by the base station is -65 dBm (taking GSM as an example). It can be measured by a mobile phone or spectrum analyzer. And we can transmit interference signals at the same time on the frequency between 930 and 960. In this area, the mobile phone in this frequency band cannot hear any signal sent by the base station to the mobile phone, and the mobile phone is stupid, which makes it impossible to achieve effective communication. , It has achieved our goal. cell phone jammer

What is the effect of this kind of mobile phone signal jammer? The reporter had a bargain to buy a portable Cell Phone Charging Block with the smallest coverage at a price of 120 yuan. This mobile phone jammer is similar in size to a general candy bar phone on the market, but is about twice as thick as a mobile phone. The full metal shell, with 3 antennas on the top, can respectively interfere with the signals of China Mobile, China Unicom, PHS, and even the recent 3G mobile phones. The instrument claims to be able to shield various cell phone signals within a radius of two meters. So I found 4 mobile phones of different brands and different operators to do experiments. When the reporter presses the switch of the mobile phone signal jammer, the top of it lights up with a green light. After about 30 seconds, the screens of these 4 mobile phones show no signal, and the call cannot be made, even "110", "120", and " 119" These emergency numbers are not working.