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Mobile jammers are very popular in South Africa

Meechan Thonas April 30, 2021 10:30

With the development of technology, we have gradually entered the era of information networks. Today, everyone's life is inseparable from cell phones, computers and other network tools. In fact, almost all cars are now equipped with a lot of electronic equipment. However, all these devices must be connected to the network to function properly. There are always some hackers living in the dark. They use advanced hacking techniques to easily steal our privacy. We can use signal interference to protect ourselves, such as signal jammers.

Before getting a portable mobile cell phone jammer, we need to know the signal that the smartphone can receive. Common 4G smartphones on the market usually receive 2G 3G 4G GSM GPS WIFI signals. If you want to block these signals and then buy jammers, you need to carefully check the signals that interfere with each device and its shielding radius.

Signal interference has become an increasingly popular method for criminals to steal vehicles and goods. Truck hijacking is estimated to cost the country 3 billion rand in 2015. In almost all reported hijacking incidents, the truck’s tracking signal was not available because the suspect used a cell phone jammer.

The scourge of signal congestion in South Africa was caused by the Carte Blanche exhibition and the mobile communications congestion that caused widespread concern during the 2015 “State of the Country” speech in Pretoria. The latter is especially helpful in raising public awareness and pushing companies like Ctrack to innovate and fight back.

However, cell phone jammers continue to be popular in South Africa due to their easy availability and cheaper prices. As a result, today’s hijackers use a variety of jamming systems and devices, some of which are large and heavy, and some are very small and portable. Despite this fact, according to ICASA in South Africa, possession and/or use of signal jamming equipment is illegal.