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Targeted Cell Phone Jammer

Anderson Scott 2021-6-2

You may already know that homing pigeons can fly long distances, but there are other animals, such as red shrimp, that can be done with the locals. Studies have shown that these marine organisms can obtain azimuth clues from the azimuth clues caused by many local anomalies in the earth's magnetic field. A group of engineers from the University of Oulu in Finland recently launched a new indoor positioning technology or Bluetooth tag, which integrates the compass into all Android and iPhone devices without requiring Wi-Fi hotspots, but using specific signal processing technology developing. I found something interesting. The large amount of steel in the building distorted the earth's magnetic field, creating a unique model in each location of the building. Targeted Cell Phone JammerNote from the project manager: By measuring this interference, you can easily determine the location and create interesting maps. " cell phone jammer

Mr. McNeill has taken measures to prevent its use, such as buying a device that blocks the service, that is, a mobile phone jamming device. He said the device is considered illegal, but no one in the United States has been accused of possessing such a device. When buying Targeted Cell Phone Jammer, he talked to a teacher in a nearby classroom, and they received full support. This interference device is outdated and therefore inefficient. At best, it can only block 3G signals, and students with smartphones can continue to use WiFi. So I bought the latest multi-function jammer.