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Wifi Jammer Can Help You Block Wireless And Bluetooth Signals

Buhot Robert Dec 11, 2020 10:30

Hello everyone, I know that the gsm blocker is the 2g frequency we often say, and it is the basic communication signal frequency of our mobile phones. In addition, what fields are it used in? The GSM frequency band is also widely used in various anti-theft systems. The current electronic door and security system technology will use this technology wirelessly. It is true that wireless networks have brought excellent services to our lives, but this has given me, I must accept, I want to control the use of the wireless network, how can I stop the wireless signal? Wireless blocking network can limit the time of the network in the router, or you can use wifi jammer, which can help you block wireless and Bluetooth signals.

When the device is connected to a wired network, it is very safe. It uses the latest encryption protocol and simply prohibits all users who try to connect to the device remotely and are not on the specified list of allowed users. We can say that Transporter combines the advantages of cloud storage with the security of offline storage. But we have detected several problems that may be encountered when using this device at We have already mentioned that it is best to connect the device to the router via a wire, but a simple Wi-Fi connection can also be used for wireless connection. Since Wi-Fi networks may be hacked, this seems to be the most vulnerable place for the device. Transporter uses WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption protocols, and there are many applications that can crack them.