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Mobile bammer jammer storage are only useful if they are installed in the heart

Perfectjammer 2021-01-24

Bammer Jammer Storage

On November 19, 2015, a symposium for class leaders of the excellent academic style "install a mobile cell phone jammer in the heart" was held in the 217 meeting room of the Student Activity Center. Related teachers from the Ministry of Education and Engineering and 46 students from the inorganic classroom activity class attended the conference. Monitor. At the beginning of the meeting, a representative of the class leader gave a speech to share with the participating teachers and classmates the experience of carrying out the activity of "installing a mobile bammer jammer storage in your heart".

14 The head of the financial management class said that the benefits of inorganic classrooms can be promoted through class committees, and prompts can also be sent through online media such as QQ and WeChat, as well as class committee supervision, etc. "Install a mobile bammer jammer storage", and at the same time, summarize the supervision situation and report it to the class teacher, which is included in the usual inspection results, and a warning slogan flag is hung on the class platform to warn, and the bag containing the mobile phone is required to consciously hand over the mobile phone. . Through these measures, the number of bowers in the classroom is reduced, the learning atmosphere in the classroom is strengthened, and the enthusiasm of the students in class is promoted.

The class leader of 13 English 3 said that before deciding to participate in this activity, all the students in the class had already signed a guarantee agreement not to use mobile phones in class, and the students in the class had a certain degree of self-consciousness to comply with the agreement. Of course, good discipline is inseparable from supervision, so our class adopts to hand in mobile phones before class, and the teacher will follow the students to put their mobile phones with the classmates, which also played a leading role for the students . At the same time, a shift supervision system by class committees is adopted, and the supervision situation is summarized for half a month, and the summary is reflected. It also combines the two activities of "inorganic classroom" and "reading a hundred good books" to encourage students to read good books in classes they are not interested in. This reduces the use of mobile phones and improves personal connotation and accomplishment. .

The class leader of 14 City Sales 2 said that through the voluntary signing of guarantees by the students, the class committee taking turns to supervise the class of the classmates, the class meeting organizes the classmates to conduct public opinion solicitation and questionnaire surveys on the activity, and discuss the form of the activity. The project team competed in groups and adopted the fun activity penalty system to promote the development of inorganic classroom activities, which improved the students’ sense of collective honor and played a role model to lead the learning atmosphere in the class, which made inorganic classrooms achieve significant results.

14 Tao Shi, the class leader of Class 5, said: “The class will first hold a class meeting to encourage students to sign a guarantee, not to collect mobile phones by forced means, and encourage more students to make better use of mobile phones, be the owners of mobile phones, and use mobile phones correctly, such as using mobile phones. Take class notes, install apps that are good for learning on mobile phones, combine the convenience of mobile phones with classrooms, and improve learning efficiency. In this way, students are not deprived of their love for mobile phones, and class style and study style can also be improved. At the same time, through preaching, let students understand the benefits of mobile phones for learning, let students understand the true meaning of inorganic classrooms, and truly integrate into this activity."

14 is nothing more than the 4 class monitor concluded: the class held a class meeting to preach the benefits of inorganic classrooms, calling on students to actively participate; let the whole class participate in the daily supervision of duty, and personally experience the feelings of receiving mobile phones and supervising classmates. This way allows students to experience the feelings of class members, and gradually forms an atmosphere of not playing with mobile phones in class.

14 It is nothing more than the monitor of class 1 that, first of all, the class committee should set an example, consciously not use mobile phones in class, listen to the class carefully, study hard, and set an example for the classmates. The commissioned supervision system is also a practical and effective method. Class members take the lead and take turns to supervise students' use of mobile phones in class. At the same time, a class meeting was held to discuss with the students the benefits of inorganic classrooms, and the importance of good class style and style of study. In this way, giving the students a boost in their minds can also allow them to accept and achieve "install a mobile bammer jammer storage in their hearts"

14 The monitor of class 2 of financial management said that as a monitor, it is essential for the class committee to lead by example. But when carrying out activities or working, we must pay more attention to moving people with affection, and we must use a friendly and infectious way to influence the students, not just relying on mandatory measures to achieve inorganic classrooms. Let the classmates feel that you are with everyone as a group, not just a superior monitor or class committee. A harmonious classmate relationship will make the class more united and motivated.

Liu Jiajin, the vice minister of the Ministry of Education and Industry of the Party Committee, summarized the event at the end of the conference and put forward the requirements and hopes for the next stage of work. First of all, he highly affirmed the efforts and achievements of the previous stage in the activity of "installing mobile bammer jammer storage in their hearts" in each class. Then, it is proposed that each class leader should guide the classmates to correctly understand the meaning and function of inorganic classrooms, and treat the pros and cons of mobile phones from a dialectical perspective. They can combine the students' hobbies and play the excellent role of mobile phones in learning. Finally, he emphasized that all classes should unify their thinking, continue to explore and explore effective ways to build a good style of study, and work together to build a good style of study in our school.

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