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cell phone silencer jammers make life interesting

Perfectjammer 2021-01-30

Cell Phone Silencer Jammers

Nowadays, more and more students have smartphones. In order to prevent students from using mobile phones at school to affect their study and rest, especially after going to bed at night and turning off the lights, Xin'anjiang Middle School installed several mobile cell phone silencer signal jammers.

On November 8, a netizen broke the news in Baidu Tieba of Xin'anjiang Middle School, saying that "I heard that mobile cell phone silencer signal jammers are harmful to health." In the following days, there were a few more posts about the school's mobile cell phone jammer, which triggered discussions among many netizens. Another netizen made up a poem: "I saw high-voltage lines during the day, high-tension lines at night, and high-tension lines every day...", and nearly 30 comments were posted.

On November 12, the reporter came to a third grade class of the school and asked 4 boys, of which 3 used smart phones and 1 used ordinary mobile phones. A boy told reporters that about half of the classmates in the class brought mobile phones, mainly for making phone calls. Nowadays, mobile phones have many functions. They also use mobile phones to watch TV shows, read news, read novels, and chat with friends. He complained: "Since the installation of a mobile cell phone silencer jammer, the mobile phone has no signal, and life has become less interesting. I am really uncomfortable." In another class, the reporter learned that in addition to contacting family members when girls use their mobile phones at school, they I also use my mobile phone to shop on Taobao, check Weibo, and play WeChat.

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