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Block Cell Phone By Area Code

Gurtner Tobias 2022-01-31

During installation, it is recommended to connect a timer switch to set the time required for work. No need for manual control at that time, Block Cell Phone By Area Codeautomatically turn on when you need to work. Effective segmentation, only interfere with the downward installation height: 1.0-2.0 meters has the best effect, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and will not pose a threat to the health of students and faculty. How to choose an cell phone jammer suitable for dormitory use After opening, students' mobile phones turn into bricks. Of course, students hate it. Therefore, cell phone jammers cannot be placed in dorms, even those without wall shielding. Would be stronger, but no, because students would unplug and even damage it.

A few days ago, technicians from China Mobile Weihai Branch found that the communication base station near the unit was interfered, causing some users' mobile phones to be unable to talk normally or have no signal. After technical monitoring, the source of interference is located in the large conference room of the unit. At about 10 am yesterday, the reporter came to the unit with the law enforcement officers of the Municipal Radio Management Office. Upon entering the conference room, law enforcement officers saw a box-type unit with antennas mounted on the walls on both sides of the room. According to law enforcement officials, this is the source of the signal jammer - Block Cell Phone By Area Code, also known as a classified conference mobile communication jammer. It is the signal it sends that interferes with the nearby communication base stations and affects the normal use of some users' mobile phones. Subsequently, law enforcement officers inquired about the situation with the relevant person in charge of the unit. According to the person in charge, the unit often encounters many people. In order to prevent the mobile phone from ringing frequently during the conference, this mobile phone signal jamming device was installed at the venue. Unexpectedly, it will interfere with the surrounding communication. The equipment will be dismantled soon, he said.