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Wi-Fi Networks Are Vulnerable

Schuette Robert Dec 10, 2020 10:30

Hello everyone! Is your child addicted to online games? Maybe not. Maybe it is serious. My child is severely affected by online games. What is the best way to save him from the game? First of all, online games are entertainment activities that require network signals, so please disable them, wifi jammer can help you. There are certain security issues in public networks, which may cause the privacy and property loss of connected devices. How do we make our mobile phone connections more secure? What are the specific measures or methods? For wireless network security issues, maybe a wifi jammer can help you. It prohibits the use of wireless networks. It has been used in many places. You can consider buying it at jammer shops.

You should know that shopping mall management is obliged to warn you about these dummies. The developers of these enhanced mannequins said that although these dummies were collecting video and audio information, they did not violate privacy. It will not be stored or transmitted, all data will be processed within the device, and users can only access simple, personalized statistical information. However, these devices can not only collect video, but also audio information. In other words, the fact that they are eavesdropping on you is really worrying. There is very little information on how these dummies actually work among the detainees, so we made some assumptions. The easiest way to organize some of these devices into a network and connect them to a central server is to organize them in a Wi-Fi network. If so, then we are lucky because these Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to attacks. We should tell you that those wireless networks use the 2.4 GHz frequency to transmit data to each device. Small disguised Wi-Fi jammers can disrupt this frequency.