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Unstable signal must be caused by voice jammer device

Perfectjammer 2021-01-25

Voice Jammer Device

Nowadays, smart phones have long been a must-have for personal life, and there are not a few people in the student party who have mobile phones. How to control the use of mobile phones by students, how to establish the balance between learning and entertainment... It seems that it has always been a problem that lies in front of parents and schools.

The Silver Lake Experimental School in Fuyang District, Hangzhou used a “new solution”: a mobile voice jammer device was installed on the campus and turned on regularly every night to prevent students from playing mobile phones at night. However, in the past two days, there have been voices on the Internet that some residents living in Shijiayuan Garden in Fuyang said that when they use their mobile phones at home, the signal is not stable, suspected to be related to the school's mobile cell phone jammer. Is it true that it hurts the pond fish?

Shijiayuan Garden is located 800 meters east of Yinhu Experimental School and belongs to the Huiqianfang Community. At noon yesterday, a reporter from Qian Bao came to the community. The reporter took out his mobile phone, the system showed that the signal was full, and the call and Internet were relatively smooth. The reporter randomly interviewed more than ten households, and most of them said that the mobile phone signal at home was not bad. A few households near the hills and low-floor households occasionally experience poor cell phone signals.

Aunt Shi, who lives in the three buildings in the South District of Shijiayuan Garden, told reporters that she had just moved in for more than half a month. "Usually we don’t use mobile phones very frequently at home. It’s just that the guests complained about cell phone signals when they were in the house two nights ago Poor, 4G becomes 2G, and I can’t make calls. In the end, I can only make calls outside, and I don’t know why."

Manager He, the property manager of Shijiayuan Huayuan Community, told reporters that the community began to hand over houses at the beginning of this year and there are currently 74 residents who have moved in. “At present, in the management, we have not received any complaints from residents about poor mobile phone signals.”

  Have any residents in other communities reported abnormal signal conditions? Is there serious interference from mobile phone voice jammer device in the area? If the signal jammer does have an impact on the communication frequency, will the mobile company have further measures next? The staff of Hangzhou Mobile said that they would check out the situation after work on Monday and give further answers.

  The school responded:

   The mobile phone voice jammer device is only used normally at night, and then a reporter from Qian Bao came to Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental School. The campus has a beautiful environment and first-class facilities. The school security told reporters that because it was Sunday, the school did not go to school normally.

  Qianbao reporter went to contact with Teacher Zhao, director of the Audio-visual Education Center of Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental Middle School. Teacher Zhao said that the school’s mobile phone jammers have been installed for a period of time, mainly to prevent school students from playing with mobile phones at night. “The mobile phone voice jammer device are activated from 10pm to 4am the next day and are currently in normal use." As for the installation of mobile phone signal jammers, do I need to file with the local radio management department? Teacher Zhao said that the school was not responsible for the installation of this set of equipment, so the specific process is not clear. It is recommended that the reporter consult the local radio management department. In addition, the reporter also asked Teacher Zhao whether voice jammer device would affect the lives of surrounding residents? Teacher Zhao said that so far, there has been no reports from nearby residents about interference outside the school.

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