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WiFi Jammers Can Block Wireless Network Signals At Home

Brown David Dec 07, 2020 10:30

I want to make a simple wifi signal jammer by myself, which can improve my hands-on ability and block wireless network signals at home. Can you recommend some links about making videos? There are many courses and documents on the Internet. Just search for the term "cell phone jammer" on Google and you will find many things. The wireless network blocker is more useful, and your build will be very useful. Portable Wi-Fi hotspots are very convenient and we will explain why. This is a small device that contains a 4G SIM card and shares that Internet connection via Wi-Fi. It seems that it also supports 3G. Is it convenient? Everyone in your car can access the Internet without obstacles while riding. And the device will definitely have better reception than smart phones. But we at perfectjammer.com may state that if the device is misused, it may be very dangerous.

First of all, you should know that the wireless network generated by the hotspot is working, thanks to the RF wave, and the range of the network is far beyond the limits of your car, in other words, the network can be accessed from outside the car. As long as there is a security issue with Wi-Fi, you can be sure that someone might try to hack it, and by doing so, criminals can access all mobile devices connected to the network. The second point here is that it can become another distraction, and if you drive, it’s really bad. You should remember that using wireless devices while driving is really a bad idea, because more than 60% of car accidents are caused by this. Therefore, the answer to your question is that BMW hotspots are not very safe during the journey. It may not only lead to personal data leakage, but may even lead to traffic accidents. Try to avoid this, if it is not possible, just block the Wi-Fi connection. It can be done with a simple Wi-Fi signal jammer.