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Cell phone jammers prevent the exchange of information

Cancio Guillermo May 01, 2021 10:30

Fraud in public school exams, it emphasizes the usefulness of using such mobile jammer devices in exam rooms and some issues that need attention. Candidates use mobile phones to pass and send answers, etc. All of this is part of exam fraud. The simple way to avoid the influence of such devices is to put the phone in airplane mode. When the mobile phone enters the airplane mode, the mobile phone is in a state of no network and cannot receive any information at this time, thereby reducing cheating. However, this only solves the problem of cheating on mobile phones. Nowadays, cheating on mobile phones is just the oldest and most traditional way. The road to cheating is gradually being replaced by other cheating tools such as headsets and watches.

The 3G mobile cell phone jammer can use 4 antennas to cut off the CDMA-GSM-DCS/PCS signal at the same time, which is enough to turn off the CDMA GSM DCS/PCS 4G signal in the jammer. Therefore, this 3G mobile phone jammer adopts a desktop design and is powered by a power adapter with a good heat dissipation system, so it can be used continuously. For those who need to use 24/7 jammers, this 4G jammer is a good choice.

For classrooms, meeting rooms, churches, libraries and many other places where the use of mobile phones is not allowed, or for those who want to avoid mobile phone problems, it is a wise choice to take them to upgrade 4G-Blocker. If you need one and want to know, stop by www.perfectjammer.com to get one.