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Gsm/Cdma/3G Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Hanly Monique 2021-08-29

Church 4G signal Gsm/Cdma/3G Cell Phone Signal Jammer In different use scenes, the effective shielding range will be different. This is closely related to the field strength of the signal on site. The shielding range of mobile phones of different standards may not be the same at the same site; cell phone jammer Factors that affect the shielding range include, but are not limited to: distance from the base station, orientation, obstructions, the wall material of the site building, the installation height of the mobile phone jammer, installation specifications, etc.; the equipment has been strictly tested before leaving the factory And aging, but it does not rule out the phenomenon of individual drop and damage of the equipment during transportation. If the customer shakes the equipment slightly after receiving the goods, and hears the sound of parts falling off, please stop using it and contact the dealer or manufacturer for immediate repair;

The normal installation height is 1.8 meters ~ 2.5 meters, try to choose a place where there are no obstacles between the target shielding area. The wall-mounted installation requires the antenna to be vertically upward. When placed on the desktop, the antenna can be folded 90 degrees and then vertically upward. There should be no AC power lines or other audio and video lines within 0.2 meters of the antenna; during use, in order to avoid possible occurrences The interference of some electronic equipment should be kept at least 1 to 2 meters with the following common equipment: audio, wireless microphone, radio, computer, TV, Wi-Fi router, etc.; Gsm/Cdma/3G Cell Phone Signal Jammer small size, easy to use, through separate and distributed distribution , Can be applied to a variety of environments with different areas. Mainly used in examination rooms, prisons, courts, conference venues, libraries, theaters, churches, gas stations, gas depots, gas stations, hospitals and other places that require confidentiality, quietness, riot prevention, and interference prevention.