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Very Special Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Haer Thami Dec 12, 2020 10:30

I know that the school uses an example of cell phone jammers, but if I have jamming devices in other locations, can you please provide specific information about where the signal jamming devices need to be used? Schools are the most common place to use cell phone jammer. There are actually many signal jammers. As long as the use of mobile phones is prohibited in the local area, security measures are required, and quiet places need to be kept quiet, jammers are needed, such as prisons, courts, theaters, etc.

You must put your iPhone in this situation and set its connection as a priority. Than FreedomPop will handle everything else. By the way, these conditions currently only apply to the iPhone, but the company plans to launch the same product for Android devices. This kind of Wi-Max-friendly case is indeed very popular because the iPhone 5 does not support Wi-Max, because Apple considers this a "failed experiment." You should be aware that simple cell phone jammers may not be useful for the Internet access granted to the device. This is because your phone and the device use different frequencies, and the phone uses 850/1900 for text messages and voice calls, 875 MHz is used for 4G LTE, and 2100 is used for 3G. The Wi-Max friendly situation uses 2500-2700 MHz, so to stop it, you will need a very special cell phone signal jammer. You will need a powerful 4G jammer. It will succeed.